CES 2015
CES 2015 Recap - Day 3

Another divulgence of highlights from CES, Day 3:

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DATA DISCRIMINATION: The big societal issues that data can solve is on point. But one person’s love of data personalization can be another person’s creeping. And not just creeping, it can also be discriminatory. This discrimination comes in the form of disparate impact which are judgements made about you based on what websites you go to and get served information that might not be the right sort of opportunities that should be catered to you. This creates a siloing effect of individual experience and in the bigger picture can become a concern within the fabric of our society as we’re now being dictated to, losing a sense of discovery.

THE ACCUMULATION OF SMARTER CONNECTIVITY: One day we’re going to wake up in our homes and we’ll have accumulated 30-50 wifi-enabled products once connected living really takes off. But this accumulation will take place over time, not overnight. And we’re going to buy each product because it’s going to fulfill specific wants. Multi-brand and product systems will flourish and a common language will develop over time. One provider or system won’t win out because of software and the APIs that can be built on top. It’s this type of optimism the industry is clinging to because there are bigger business opportunities to be had once everything just works.

LEST WE FORGET, YOU’RE RESPONSIBLE TOO: At the end of the day we created all these perils and tech progression ourselves and you as an individual are just as responsible as all the tech and digital service providers and industries out there. Will it be the autonomous car’s fault when an accident occurs or the owner? Will insurance rates in all verticals change for the better or worse with the healthcare and other data input or will a new class system be created? We want to point the finger for things to happen faster, work in sync, but we also have to be ready to approach governance and the responsibility of tech as companies and as individuals.

LIKE VEGAS, BE OPEN TO EXPERIMENTATION: With so much going on at CES, you can either wait to see what other brands are going to do or actually go out and do something. You have an entire section of hungry entrepreneurs at Eureka Park who will do almost anything to make something with you. There are tons of tools to pickup and handover to your creative and tech teams to test and push out new types of content across your owned media. All you have to do is be open to experimentation. So what if it was weird, or didn’t perform well. At least you can say you did it first. Trust us, there are so many times when we have ideas that never get made but then 6 months down the line another agency and brand executed something similar to what was down on paper. Leave CES setting out to do one experiment with your brand over the next year and come back with a story to tell.

PASSIVE (IN A GOOD WAY) CYBER SECURITY: Coming right off the back of the Sony Pictures hack is the cyber security marketplace at CES. The drive to connect everything has consumers worried about devices collecting and storing growing amount of information about them. Passwords are going to go extinct. We’re heading into a more passive and seamless user authentication where the explicit log-in of typing in a unique string of characters becomes less common.


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