CES 2015
CES 2015 Recap - Day 1

Here’s my lowdown on the key highlights from CES Day 1:

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Not Your Dad’s Mobility: Automotive mobility means more than just moving from point A to point B. Our digital behaviors changed what we do in between. Mobility today isn’t about motion—it’s about human progress according to Ford CEO Mark Fields. It’s about understanding consumers’ behaviors behind the wheel. Brands need to understand what drives consumers to act differently on the road in different life instances (say a trip to the ER versus a trip to pick up the kids after school). You have the chance to provide utility in these situations and help the automotive industry to adapt to our collective behavioral changes.

A New Age of Cartography: We barely understand the environments in which we live. For instance, 95% of our oceans remain unexplored. So how are robots supposed to understand how to live in our complex world? That’s the next big leap that’s needed in robotics. We need to enable robots to build 3D maps of the environments they inhabit, with every shape they view indexed, so that they can become self-aware of their surroundings and capable of performing cognitive actions. Clearly the humans in Interstellar nailed it with TARS. Let’s hope our reality can be more like the what we see in the multiplex.

If It’s Not Broken…: Traipsing around CES, you see that a lot of the smart watches are well, ugly. Rubbers and plastics and everything synthetic. What’s going to make consumers actually adopt smart watches? Some tech companies are placing their bets that it’s not about the multifunctionality display screen or synchronization with your mobile device, but about the traditional aesthetics of watches that will win consumers over paired with wearable technology. Withings Activite and Profite do just this by providing a traditional looking watch outfitted with technologies that can track all of your habits with no need to charge. We already know that Apple’s coming entry will be beautiful. It looks like other players are joining them in defining the aesthetics of wearables.

Real Disruptive Storytelling: Oculus VR CEO Palmer Luckey wants everyone to calm down. VR will become a thing, ok?  Stop acting like Veruca Salt by demanding it now, NOW, NOW. It’s only been two and a half years since Oculus Rift was announced. As more and more brands enter this immersive space, how will Virtual Reality disrupt the way we tell stories to our consumers? Will we start telling our stories in first person? What are the effects of lighting in the environment? The brightness of colors? What emotional states can we trigger? It’s going to get interesting. Hey, agencies: we’ve been warned we need to begin hiring video game developers with expertise in Unity if want to start playing in the VR league.

ABC, Always Be Creating: Technology lets us find new ways to create, film, and make. With every return of CES, some new fangled device comes along that gives you the chance to do something entirely new from a different perspective. And this time around it’s AirDog that steals the stage. AirDog is the world’s first auto-follow drone fro GoPro cameras. It constantly tracks where you’re going, operates by itself, and enables you to focus a new lens (quite literally) on anything you do. Looking to amp up your real-time social content? Get an AirDog for the creative team and go to town. Just check with air traffic control first, ok?

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