CES 2015
Where, What And Whys On IoT

Vice Chairman of the Audio Division of the CEA, Robert Heiblim had a tête-à-tête with ogilvydo on the internet of things. He has more than 35 years of experience in the consumer electronics field, representing about 80% of CEA all under $200M and being part of an enviable team that’s developed, marketed and sold about $400 million consumer electronic devices.

Heiblim touches on three essential Ws on the Internet of things:

Where? This year, at CES, the biggest lines you’ll see would be in the iOT devices section. Display manufacturers are big but it’s the extent of interoperability into other devices that’s setting the benchmark.

What? An IOT device is something that has a sensor, a form of data intelligence to deal with the data collected through the sensor, interconnected to other devices through a network.

Why? The reason to foray into this industry would be to further market share but manufacturers are still unsure about the usage of the data generated. Can healthcare tech replace the physicians? Is it already the era of digital doctors? There’s more hype to it than reality.

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