Cannes Lions 2016 | Panel
The Supercontinent Of Linked Megacities

Cities are becoming nation-like in size and importance and that they are coalescing into large urbangeas (a term coined in a report from Ogilvy) which will be able to attract investment and brands because of their massive populations. In the third panel in our series with PwC, Cindy Gallop, John Gerzema, Justin Sturrock and Niall McKinney discuss the commercial potential of the global urban middle class.

John Gerzema,Chairman & CEO, BAV consulting says the linked megacities will be incredible markets of opportunity with the growing rate of consumerism.

Cindy Gallop shares that since the typography is in a state of change, there’s an opportunity for brands and companies to get into local markets and contribute in positive ways.

Justin Sturrock, People & Organisation Leader at PwC believes differentiation comes from embracing the diversity and brands need to get the socio-cultural relevance right.

Niall McKinney, CEO of The Knowledge Engineers maintains that the next big conference needs to be in one of the emerging markets to get different, fresher perspectives.

(Full panel here)

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