Cannes Lions 2016 | Panel
The Rise And Global Adoption Of eSports

In 2013, eSports, led by Asia, has gone from a fringe geek paradise to a legitimate global sports franchise. Its demographics are attractive to marketers and surprisingly gender balanced. Like gaming, this is a big business. How big? How does $463 million this year—a 43% jump from 2015—sound to you? Brands have been a little slow to tumble to this trend since the gaming and eSports industries are not dependent on brand sponsorship. But opportunities abound.

Debates have raged as to eSports being an actual sport. This is still an emerging phenomenon and so much needs discussion: How does the business operate? Who are the players? What emotional benefits do they get? What are the consumption patterns? What does the community look like? And where do brands fit in?

In partnership with PwC, we attempt to answer these questions in a panel session with Chris Lederer, Senior Media Advisor, Strategy&, Part of PwC network, Chester King, CMO at International eGames Group and Jeremy Katz, Worldwide Editorial Director, Ogilvy & Mather.

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