Advertising is an oestrogen-free zone

They say the oldest profession in the world isn’t prostitution, it’s communications. Speaking as the founder of a reputation management business based in Amsterdam, and with a newly founded London outpost in Soho, the comparison is not lost on me.

If that sounds somewhat hard to swallow (“said the actress to the bishop”), just think about the key attributes you need to get ahead in both fields – creativity, reinvention, strong people skills, professionalism, sensitivity to the wants and needs of each specific client – and don’t even get me started on clearly defined KPIs. In Amsterdam, at least, women at the top of their game, or on the game, are everywhere. However, all too often in advertising, you will find a group of big cheeses is an oestrogen-free zone.

Don’t get me wrong – there are brilliant women doing utterly incredible things all over the world today. However, there still seems to be a real lack of female visibility when it comes to flag-waving excellence in creativity across the board and in the boardroom.

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