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Is Cannes Relevant For Newer Agencies?

By Garret Keogh | Managing Director at Telegraph Hill

As we move towards a new era for creative agencies, I’d say it’s particularly important for newer agencies to see and be seen at Cannes. But we need to be really smart about how we use our time there. How we spend our time is critical and if it’s not going to bring new business is it the best use of our most limited resource?

The role of creative strategists is evolving as brands, more than ever, need to put audiences’ interests over their own messages. The marketing world has changed, and smart clients are wising up to the idea that it’s great content that wins people’s attention, hearts and minds. With Cannes the highlight of the creative calendar, it’s evident to us that it’s important we take this message out there. So I’m looking forward to networking with smart brands and fellow ad folk; a collaborative attitude is absolutely key to this new way of thinking. We want to work with you and we can bring a lot of real success and specific skills.


I’m slightly wary that Cannes might be full of pre-social 80s ad relics getting wistful about ‘the good old days’. We stopped going to MIP TV as we felt that was a glimpse of a world gone by. Theres’s a new, smart and increasingly vocal generation of agencies doing things differently and I’m hoping that we can make Cannes our own.

Obviously there is quite a cost involved in attending Cannes, so we have to ensure it delivers real ROI for us. This is true whatever business you’re in but perhaps even more so in advertising where things move so fast and you have to invest smartly. So I’ll be sniffing out innovations that follow our goal of delivering real, measurable success for clients. I’ll be looking for ideas that chime with ours and companies that really want to work together.

The onus is on Cannes to stay relevant by embracing creative industries of the future and on us to tell this story effectively. If this involves a bit a glass of something bubbly in the sun, so be it.

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