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Coca-Cola’s Wendy Clark On The ‘Artificial Divide’

By Antje Derks | Campaign


In pursuing effectiveness, brands and agencies often disconnect creativity from the process – and marketing testing and measurement tools are partly to blame. This divide must be bridged, Wendy Clark argues in the third of our series on creative effectiveness.

Jim Collins, the author of Built To Last and Good To Great, has a powerful tenet in his thinking. It’s called “the genius of the ‘and’”. Collins states that the truly visionary companies of the 21st century are able to embrace both ends of a continuum: continuity and change, stability and revolution, predictability and chaos, heritage and renewal etc.

And while he didn’t say it, for those of us in the advertising industry, I’m adding my own “and” here: creativity and effectiveness.When was it that the word “effectiveness” got disconnected from the word “creativity”? Too often, brands and agencies pursue this outcome called effectiveness singularly without enough regard for how they achieve it through creativity.

If you leave creativity behind, you are leaving some measure of effectiveness behind too.

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