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Cannes 2015: View from Turkey

By Tolga Tuna | Editor-in-Chief, Campaign Türkiye

By focusing on creative effectiveness – and with a little help from 2Pac – agencies have responded positively to plummeting advertising spend over the past 12 months.

When I received an e-mail from our global editor-in-chief, Claire Beale, asking me to contribute to Campaign’s global issue with an article explaining creative trends in Turkey over the past 12 months, I had a moment of silence.

OK, let’s be honest. It was more than a moment and there were some tears. I truly wished that I could write a piece about how a Turkish Internet of Things start-up had created an app that changed the fundamentals of marketing, how a Turkish agency sparked a new innovation trend or how a Turkish brand ran a great campaign that contributed to a social cause. It would just take 20 minutes to write; maybe an additional ten minutes to spruce it up.

Unfortunately, this is not the picture of Istanbul’s creative landscape at the moment. Turkish advertising spend increased only 4.3 per cent last year. Not too bad, you might think – but you know nothing, Jon Snow. In 2010, our ad industry expanded by 31 per cent, and it has enjoyed double-digit growth for the past four years. In the past 12 months, Turkey has experienced four elections, political volatility and street demonstrations, not to mention instability on its borders, from Greece to Iran, Iraq and Syria. The Turkish lira has weakened by about 25 per cent against the US dollar. As you can see, winter has already arrived…

So what has happened to creativity in this kind of environment? Have Turkish agencies simply given up? Have they scaled down and punched the final nail into their own coffin? Nope, they have not.

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