About Us

David Ogilvy built his agency on a foundation of brilliant client work and a steady stream of well-written original thinking.  Our agency colleagues have the first bit covered.  At ogilvydo, we try to take care of the rest.

We are Ogilvy & Mather’s award winning home for ideas, reporting, debate, and analysis, and we believe the role we fill is more needed now than ever before.  The ongoing digital revolution continues to upend the conventions of business.  Old enterprises must be nimble in ways that defy both age and size while new firms must contend with a landscape that is equally fertile and hostile.  Individuals—be they consumers, employees, or entrepreneurs—look toward an even more unfamiliar horizon, and they turn to brands to help make sense of it.

Businesses and brands have learned that in order to thrive in this world they need to set aside familiar ideas and methods.  What will grow up in their place?  That is what we are here to explore.

David Ogilvy believed that creative departments had no monopoly on creativity.  We agree.  Some of the most innovative solutions for the problems of modern business come from planners or marketers, finance specialists or management consultants.  All have a voice here.

We set up ogilvydo to showcase that broad-based creativity.  We set it up to celebrate our industry while standing aside from our parent company.  What you see here is not the corporate opinion of Ogilvy & Mather.  It is ours and that of our contributors.  While we are not here to sell Ogilvy & Mather’s services, we’d be thrilled if you like what you see and get in touch as a result. We’d be just as happy, though, if we jarred a new idea loose in your head.  That’s really what we’re about.

We believe that creativity is an essential business tool that is everybody’s business.  We believe that creativity means business.

Natalie Lyall, Publisher     |     Jeremy Katz, Editor-in-Chief