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Ogilvy & Mather believe in world class creative ideas that result in work that is both highly creative and results driven.

But, creativity is not just about the execution of a brand idea or concept. It is something that needs to be embedded in the philosophy and practice of every organisation. The business world has fundamentally changed over the last few years. A wider vision is needed; an ability to think outside the traditional paradigms. Business leaders are recognising that in order to survive and thrive, they need to break through the conditioning of the familiar. They have to think differently and embrace creativity as a critical business tool.

We believe that those of us in the marketing communications industry need to be front and centre in leading businesses into a new era. We are calling this the Creative Age of Business. For too long, discussion has been centered on creativity in execution alone, as if it is a commodity that can be traded and bought off the shelf. We must think bigger and realise the potential of creativity and the critical role it can perform across an organisation.

Creativity is a learnable competency, and as a leader you don’t want to ghettoise creativity. You want everyone in your organisation, from the dispatch room to the board room, producing novel and useful ideas. We have developed as a home for ideas, insight and inspiration, that will help make your business more creative.

A bold new creative era awaits, where creativity means business.

For more information on how we can help your business, please contact Chris Reitermann, President, Asia Pacific, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising at